Friday, October 30, 2009

Lights, Camera, Learning!

By Glen Bull and Lynn Bell

In this article it talks about how we have make the switch from analog to digital formats. This all happened from the 20th to the 21st century. All just this year broadcasting network has all changed from analog to digital. An interesting fact the article brought up was that from “1948 to 2008, NBC, ABC, and CBS broadcast more than a million hours of programming. In the past six months, individuals posted more than a million hours of original video on You Tube alone – more than the networks broadcast in the previous 60 years combined”. This is incredible, are youth has been able to produce more video than the TV stations have in 60 years. The article said that most of the videos are 2 to 3 minutes of length and they are for more for friends to see. Another thing that the digital age has brought is the capability of intriguing the students. They talk about how you can include digital media in every class you teach. For example, in history you can show a documentary and educational videos, in science you can show in slow motion and fast motion how things grow and work around us. In math you can show videos about concepts that are challenging. This way students can learn concepts in more than one way. And the most special way to use digital video is in language arts. The students are able to make videos about what they are learning about. They are able to use the form of drama to get their point across.

I had no idea that are youth has been able to produce more digital video than three of the major television broadcasts. It is interesting that teachers have always been able to incorporate digital media in school. It is a way to keep kids engaged. Now that the students are able to create their own video, and the media industry is growing it gives the students a chance to see if they like working with the digital world to become part of the digital era. It is incredible to what point we have gotten to with the technology. Something that I would use the digital technology in our benefit is, having the students create their own videos. This could work in any subject. One thing that you could have the students do is have them explain a concept that is challenging. This way they can work in groups and work through the problem and come up with different ways to express their ideas.

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  1. Wow, it pretty impressive that there has been more video footage made on youtube than that made in the last 60 years of network news! That a lot of video. In todays society video has such large impact and the fact that youth is already creating and using in their daily lives it is important to bring it into education. Education can't stay in the past it has to continuously grow to fit the needs of the students, as technology progresses it is important for us to keep up. In what better way can we get the students to engage in their learning, then to use something they enjoy. By using video in the classroom and engaging the students it will benefit their education. Sounds like an interesting article and those stats are remarkable, good job!