Friday, October 16, 2009

Are We There Yet? Changing Trends in Online Learning and Internet Use

By Christine Greenhow

In the article that I read, it had an astonishing statistic. “Since the mid1990s, the percentage of public schools connected to the Internet skyrocketed from 35% to 100%”. This is a huge progress for all school. They are able to have the connection that they need to make sure that their kids are educated. This means that in only ten years every school has been able to be connected to the Internet. They also said that the percent of people having Internet access at home has gone up. About 60% of people have Internet at home. But the low income and minority have been working on having the Internet in the home. But if they have been able to make the Internet affordable for all school to have it, you can only imagine that very soon they will be able to make it affordable for every one. You also have to look into the company being able to the connection reach each family. Something that they article brought up was that the access of the Internet makes it easier for students to make connections with other people that they would usually not be able to connect with. This gives them the chance to learn about other and make life long connections. If the children are shown and given the opportunity to explore sites that will help them with school and even with expressing themselves they are able to grow individually. Something that the article said was, “However, it will be a while yet before we accumulate the research needed to understand the significance and impact of this for the field of education as it moves forward”. Meaning technology and the Internet.

And as we see it spread around the school system, the Internet is something that is growing very fast and something that is being included in very child’s schooling and personal life. We as teachers will need to keep up with all the technology that comes with it. But of course the technology will help us understand and teach the children that we work with. I can only in what direction it will take us with the technology that we have so far. But I hope that everyone thinks that the growing of technology is going in a good direction and that it will truly benefit us in the long run. 


  1. Wow! This article really puts into perspective how often we use the internet. From 35 percent to 100 percent...that is amazing! The internet allows us to expands our minds. 60 percent of people have internet at home which consists of more than half. And if you don't have access at home, there are always ways to access the internet like local libraries or at school! I am with you in saying that the technology tool of the internet is something that we can definitely benefit from rather than something for us to take the easier way out. Great article!

  2. It's pretty incredable how fast the Internet has spread. While I was reading you post, it reminded me of the Television phenomon, first it was only in certain homes - then is spread dramatically, and no it's nearly impossible to find a hosehold without one or more. Before we know it, the Internet will be in every houshold - it's already made it onto portable devices like a cell phone or PDA. In the field of education it is extremely important to educate our student of the proper use of the Internet. SOunds like a good article.