Friday, October 23, 2009

Graphic Design Online

By Jill M. Olthouse

In the article it talks about a new program that helps teachers with free online art programs. As most of us know most art programs like, photo shop and fire works are very expensive for schools to by. But is this article gives you the chance to look up some web cites that are free. They are almost like using the Photoshop or fire works program. “Students used Fotoflexer to change colors, sharpen lines, delete portions of images, and apply filters. Students can import the original photos from Facebook and MySpace, and post the finished creations on those sites as well”. Imagine all the kinds of thing that they can do with freedom working with programs that help them do so much and no cost to the school. Another program that the article talks about is, The ArtZone. It offers exploration in collage design, 3D objects, kinetic art, and much more. Kids have the chance of being creative with out limits. Here are the web addresses for some of the cites they offer:

The art Zone

Splash Up:


They are easy and have step-by-step instruction. The last web address is more or for the advanced middle school students. They even offer a two-week training for kids to use the program. And this program hopes to offer more free apps soon to improve the quality of the web cite. You no longer need to by the super expencive programs. As long as your connected to the internet you have the chance to work in programs that are the same or even better than Photoshop or Fire Works.

I personally had to check this web cite out for my self before posting this blog.  It is amazing what these programs can do and you don’t have to pay for them. They show example of what the kids have done and they look amazing. It shows you what kids can do if they have the resource. This is something that I would love to use in a classroom and personally. I love to work on computers and images. And the web cites that are afford in this article are great and useful. This is something that all teachers need to learn to use. This will make teaching more exiting. 

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  1. Sounds like a great article, I'll have to go check out hose websites! With the decline in arts programs this sounds like a great way to bring it into the classroom. With the technology, not only is this teaching students about current themes in art but also the use of technology. All around it's beneficial! Any wahy to bring art education into the classroom - i'm all for it!